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Our ironing professionals are some of the best. We charge £4.00 per kilogram with a minimum of 3 kilograms per order. 3 kilograms is roughly 15 shirts. We ensure that your ironing is ready when you need it.


Once we have ironed your clothes, we provide reusable plastic bags to protect your clothes from the UK’s wet weather. Ensuring that your clothes stay clean and fresh. These protective bags are available on request!


When we iron your clothes we want to provide the best service possible, so we hang your clothes on hangers for you at no extra cost. This is to make sure your clothes stay perfectly creaseless.

Collection & Delivery

We will collect and deliver your clothes free of charge within a 4-mile radius of Brickhill, Bedford. Additionally, customers are welcome to drop-off/collect their laundry if outside this radius. Please get in touch.

Offers, Deals & Reviews

Be sure to follow our Facebook page and give us a like! We regularly have promotions so keep an eye out! We would really appreciate some honest feedback/reviews, so we can provide the best services possible.

Sewing & Touch Ups

We will sew buttons and hem your clothes if required. Other bits and bobs can be done. This also includes touch-ups and tapering of trousers. Prices vary depending on the amount of work needed. Please contact us.


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How Does Our Ironing Service Work?


Get In Touch

Get in touch to arrange a collection or delivery time convenient to you. You can give us a call, text, whatsapp and even message us on facebook!


We will come and collect your clothes in need of ironing, alternatively you can drop your clothes off!


Delivery of your ironed items, presented on wire-framed hangers with protective polythene wrapping. We can deliver to your home, work or school.
Clothes Freshly Ironed

Our Prices & Offers

We charge £4 Per Kilogram (3kg is roughly 15 shirts) A minimum order is 3kg – Follow us on Facebook @PressedForTimeBedford for the latest offers/deals.
We Collect And Deliver

We Collect & Deliver

We deliver and collect free of charge within a 4-mile radius of Brickhill. Additionally, customers are welcome to drop off/collect their laundry if outside this radius
We Protect Your Clothes

We Hang & Bag

We provide hangers and plastic protection bags (In wet weather). Giving your clothes the care they deserve. Keep an eye on our Facebook page!

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